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2014-12-28 00:02:17 by letmeRIP

Home, what is home?


Home is why I left. Home is far away and left behind.

Home is a ghost that is always there, but i can never find.

Home is war, rage, and maddness.

Home is where my heart is the saddest.

Home will hurt me if i go back to it.

Home is what i want to forget.

Home is where my family lives.


Home what is home?


Home is where I'm from.

Home is what i pretend I'm missed by when I'm gone.

Home is the life I once had.

Home is what I forgot was bad.

Home is there for me waiting.

Home is what I think is worth saving.

Home is where I felt not alone.

Home, I'm coming home!


Home what is home?


Home seems so happy.

Home is love and laughing.

Home I will be welcome.

Home I'm feeling the fakeness.

Home i'm feeling the lonliness.

Home is what I can't belive I forgot.

Home is a trap I got caught.

Home is where I can't stand.

Home is the land of no man.


Home what is home?

Home is why I left.

life rant

2010-01-28 22:06:13 by letmeRIP

life is always giving people shit no matter who you are. and there is a reason for all the fucked up shit in your life, so u can make room for more shit. now some moment are good. and the good moment used to outway the bad. however now a days there are so very few good that there is no way it can out way the bad. and all the people dying, be happy for them and don't morn for them, because they are morning for you. they are having a way better time in the after life then we are on earth. i sure know my mum is good rest her soul.
i mean it use to be simple you live , have fun, and die. now it's your born , you fight for your life, then you die. all people seem to want from you now a days is war, work, lust, money, and lets not forget a whole shit load of drama.
i just wanna know will it ever change, to were i'm not worring about people really being my friend or not, about my friends dying, about me dying, or if i should bring children in this world or not.
it just seems every where i look now a days problems have came up. people i used to trust are lying uncontroliby. place i used to look for peace are now just drama filled.

my nuber 1 thought on this tho is how is the human race still alive to day

you would think we would have killed of each other by now.

i starting to wonder if i'm the only one who sees all this happing. maybe i am. or is everyone just going aroud smiling and acting like nothing is wrong.
don't forget the first step to fixing a problem is to admitting there is a problem.

board and horny

2010-01-19 03:46:13 by letmeRIP

that's it i'm just board and horny