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Entry #3


2014-12-28 00:02:17 by letmeRIP

Home, what is home?


Home is why I left. Home is far away and left behind.

Home is a ghost that is always there, but i can never find.

Home is war, rage, and maddness.

Home is where my heart is the saddest.

Home will hurt me if i go back to it.

Home is what i want to forget.

Home is where my family lives.


Home what is home?


Home is where I'm from.

Home is what i pretend I'm missed by when I'm gone.

Home is the life I once had.

Home is what I forgot was bad.

Home is there for me waiting.

Home is what I think is worth saving.

Home is where I felt not alone.

Home, I'm coming home!


Home what is home?


Home seems so happy.

Home is love and laughing.

Home I will be welcome.

Home I'm feeling the fakeness.

Home i'm feeling the lonliness.

Home is what I can't belive I forgot.

Home is a trap I got caught.

Home is where I can't stand.

Home is the land of no man.


Home what is home?

Home is why I left.


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2014-12-28 10:26:01

Home. Home again.
I like to be here when I can.